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Preparing for a competitive exams has now been made easy. You need not Google each time you write a different competitive exam...  The subject is vast and the syllabus touches the Sky!!

Our Mission and Vision

" To provide guided and complete coaching to everyone irrespective of the amount of money he/she possesses. Anyone who can access internet should be able to fulfill his/her aim of cracking the competitive exams conducted in India. "
" To be able to guide for all the competitive exams being conducted all over the world. "


Something about us...
So, you are curious to know who we are and we are doing this!
Before I tell you the story about why we are doing this, let me fill you in with who are all behind this!

What can you expect from this page ?
  How do we handle the questions!
All competitive exams preparation under one roof.
Not just questions, but also solutions!
Doubts clarification within 2 days! at Queries
20 examples with detailed explanations.
Daily tests with marks, and solutions at the end.
Exam schedules and syllabi .
2 user friendly approaches
Exam wise - If you want to study for a particular  exam!
Subject wise - If you just want to study a particular topic!
How serious are you!
We follow FLOV method!
F --> Formula oriented
L --> Logical method
O --> Option methods
V --> Videos for complex questions.
There will be a detailed explanation of all the questions printed in the website.
New'10' words of the week.

1. Gossamer

A fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, which is seen esp. in autumn. This basically is used to describe light and delicate things!

2. Diaphanous

This also means Light Delicate and Translucent

3. Troglodyte

A person who lived in a cave, like a hermit. usually this is used to describe a person who is not updated with the latest technologies!

4. Lugubrious

Looking or sounding sad and dismal , in a mournful state.

5. Pulchritude

Though this word sounds a bit ugly, the MEANING of this word is BEAUTIFUL. Next time someone calls you Pulchritude don't fight with them, its a compliment :)

6. Implacable

a state of being very angry, cannot pacify or soothe.

7. Implicate

To charge or accuse a person with some wrong doings.

8. Imprecate

Curse someone, wish bad upon someone, invoke evil!

9. Implicit

Strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated)

10. Malingerer

Pretend sick to avoid doing something! Most of us are Malingerer ! 'coz we often call in sick to avoid going to office/college when there's acricket match :)
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What not to expect from this website!
The dates/results/syllabi given in this website should be validated ! Before starting the preparation kindly
   have a look at the Govt. website .
All the questions sent to us will be validated thoroughly to check the nature of difficulty! Kindly upload the
   picture of all your trials or explain them in your query, so that we know exactly where to guide you from!
If a question is simple enough to be solved using a formula alone, then only hints will be given to solve the    question.
Please note that this is for your own good :)
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